Authenticate the intent of traffic to make sure publishers only show ads to genuine users with real intent.
Evaluate web traffic to only show the best ads to users at the right time.
Enhancing users journey from intent to conversion.
We constantly strive to grow our network of publisher partners delivering exceptional results around the world.
Our data insights are powered by advanced AI machine learning, eliminating inaccuracies and scaling enhancements faster than ever before.
Your Ads, In Plain Sight
With so many applications and robots crawling the web, it's more important than ever to ensure that your ads are shown to real users, who are engaged and intent-driven to the terms you are advertising on.
Data-Driven AI
Our advanced machine learning technology analyses every interaction with our customer's ads to quickly ascertain if the user is a real human, protecting your budgets from being spent on bad traffic.

By leveraging millions of these interactions a day, our models are constantly learning and improving, adapting to new threats as well as becoming more and more effective as each day passes.
Beyond Performance
The same technology that protects your sites is also the perfect fit for boosting your performance. We are able to leverage our data to improve your ad creatives, ensuring you are making decisions based on interactions with real humans.

By analysing the users most likely to engage with your ads, we are also able to recommend users to be taken to custom landing pages to deliver more conversions than ever.
Our Partners
We operate across diverse markets all across the world, from the UK and US to France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, Mexico and beyond.

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